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Flying Field Safety Rules

  • ​All flyers must be current members of the AMA and LRCC and have a current club sticker on their AMA card.
  • AMA card must be worn on your person at the field
  • 72mhz must use pin board
  • All aircraft shall be airworrthy and meet the 95db rule
  • Only 4 flyers will be on the flight line at one time, except for helicopters, foamies, sailplanes and combat
  • Flying Time is 9:00am to 9:00pm or dusk
  • Flyers will stand behind safety fence, not in the opening of the fence
  • Aircraft ready for flight may taxi from the pits to the flight line, but do not start motor in the spectator area
  • A takeoff must be declared prior to takeoff, prior to landing all pilots will declare their intent to land

Runway Priorities

  1. Aircraft landing with dead stick or another emergency
  2. Aircraft landing normally
  3. Aircraft taking off

  • No flying is permitted behind flight Line, pit area or spectators area
  • At no time are flights permitted outside of flying boundary, (See Map)
  • After landing you may taxi back to flight line, then turn off motor
  • Engine break in is not permitted in pit areas
  • Last one to leave the field must lock the clubhouse and gate
  • The AMA 25 foot rule shall be strictly enforced. Anyone flying 3-D inside the 25 foot line must have a spotter. It is the spotters responsibility to make sure the pilot does not cross the flight line fence and to make sure no one else is flying

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