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Academy of Model Aeronautics
 Know Before You Fly
 FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems

 Other Fly Ins

 3D ThrowDown 2016

2016 Summer Meeting Dates
May 3rd. 7:00pm @ LRCC Field
June 7th. 7:00pm @ LRCC Field
July 5th. 7:00pm @ LRCC Field
August 2nd. 7:00pm @ LRCC Field
September 6th. 7:00pm @ LRCC Field
October 4th. 7:00pm @ LRCC Field

2016 Fun Fly/Swap Meet Dates
April 16th. 9:00am till?
May 21st. 9:00am till?
June 18th. 9:00am till?
July 16th. 9:00am till?
August 20th. 9:00am till?
September 17th. 9:00am till?
October 15th. 9:00am till

Next Meeting SEPTEMBER 6th  @ LRCC Field 7:00pm

Next Fun Fly / Swap Meet AUGUST 20th 9:00am till?​​

Main dish and drinks supplied by LRCC all others Pot luck.

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