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Academy of Model Aeronautics
Know Before You Fly
FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems


2018 Meeting Date

February 6th 2018 - Aero Club, 7:30pm

March 6th 2018 - Aero Club, 7:30pm

April 3rd 2018 - Aero Club, 7:30 pm

May 1st 2018 - LRCC Field, 7:00pm

June 5th 2018 - LRCC Field, 7:00pm

July 3rd 2018 - LRCC Field, 7:00pm

August 7th 2018 - LRCC Field, 7:00pm

September 4th 2018 - LRCC Field, 7:00pm

October 2nd 2018 - LRCC Field, 7:00pm

November 6th 2018 - Aero Club, 7:30pm

December 4th 2018 - Areo Club, 7:30pm

​​2018 Fun Fly/Swap Meet Dates
April 21st 2018 - LRCC Field ???

May 19th 2018 - LRCC Field, 9am till

June 16th 2018 - LRCC Field, 9am till

July 21st 2018 - LRCC Field, 9am till

August 18th 2018 - LRCC Field, 9am till

September 15th - LRCC Field, 9am till

October 20th - LRCC Field, 9am till


Next Meeting March 6th 7:30 at The Aero Club

Reminder to pay your $50 renewal fee soon. After our next meeting on March 6th, there is a $10 late fee added. By paying early you save the late fee and we have a lot of field maintenance to do this spring and this allows us to budget for the year. Also, the lock combinations will change on March 10th. You can send Jerry you renewal or come to the March meeting. (March 6th 7:30 at The Aero Club)
Thanks and hoping for a lot of great flying and friendship this year!

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