April Fun Fly 4/19/14
Food, Drinks and Flying 

May Meeting 5/6/2014 7:00 PM @ LRCC Field

LRCC is now taking donations for the last 3 new picnic tables.
If you would like to donate please contact Jerry Hermes.

Club dues will now be $60.00 because the March deadline has passed.


Anyone that would like to help with
            cutting grass please contact            
Jerry H. or Bruce W.



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Jerry would like to put out a big 
to Ellis Howell SR, Jim Rippy, Jim Houtchins, Scotty White, Gary Esterle,
and Randy Griffin for helping him
with field repairs.  

They replaced all the fence and cleaned
up the chewed up cones, and Gary filled
the holes and reseeded them.

If anyone is ever at the field and like how nice it is and you see one of these great people there, Please give them a big THANK YOU !!!
because without people like these guys
we would not have the great field we
have to fly at.

Thanks to everyone that helps keep our field GREAT.

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